Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 1: Kentucky Wildcats vs WKU (in Nashville, TN)

KY Wildcats 26 - WKU 35: Win

The Hilltoppers play calling and game plan looked great on the field Saturday as they handled the Kentucky Wildcats with ease. For their first game of the season, the 'Tops came running out of the tunnel wearing their new chrome helmets, red jersey and white pants. This was not a combination that I personally loved as I hate chrome helmets, but to my amazement, several of the Kentucky fans sitting in close proximity to me where bragging on how well the 'Tops looked. These people were all over the age of 40 and I was shocked that they believed their uniforms looked great. However, as a former alumna of WKU I think they looked decent and would have looked a lot better without the helmet. Take a look for yourself and you can be you own judge.

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