Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016 - Week 6 - WKU at LaTech - LOSS

LaTech Bulldogs 55 / WKU Hilltoppers 52

Not only did the 'Tops get beat, they looked like ass-clowns with their uniform selection. The Bulldogs would have looked better with white pants, but they still looked better than WKU.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

2016 - Week 2 - WKU at Alabama - LOSS

WKU Hilltoppers 10 / Alabama Crimson Tide 38

The 'Tops introduced a BEAUTIFUL white helmet last Saturday that I absolutely loved. In fact, I thought the team looked amazing from the head to the waist. However, those hideous white pants with white script on the legs needs to be replaced immediately.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

2016 - Week 1 - Rice vs WKU - WIN

Rice Owls: 14 vs WKU Hilltoppers: 46

I am not a fan of the Hilltoppers new pants for the 2016 season. I can deal with the ugly chrome helmet and the nicely updated jersey, but to have pants with wording on the legs that are the same color as the pants is a major FAIL in my book. I posted on the WKU Football Facebook page over the weekend about this issue and I got a response saying the players liked them because they were cool. So when did it become cool to not be able to read? I am very embarrassed by that response and for the teams look. Thankfully, they won the game so that is at least 1 win.

I believe the Hilltoppers were blinded by their shiny helmets:

Monday, August 15, 2016

WKU 2016 Uniforms - Not A Major Improvement

My Alma Mater released their 2016 uniforms in the past week and I wish I could say I was excited, but I would be lying if I did. Even though this may be a slight upgrade from their previous set, it really doesn't change the overall score too much. I mean you can sprinkle sugar on dog poop, but it is still DOG POOP.

My rating for this new uniform is a 5.73 out of 10. The previous uniform rating was a 5.57 out of 10. The crazy part is the 2012 uniforms were rated at a 9.75 out of 10. So in a matter of 5 years WKU went from near perfection to mediocre.

What I like about the Helmet: I like the red stripe and the logo on both sides of the helmet.

What I dislike about the Helmet: I don't care what team it is I HATE CHROME HELMETS!!!

What I like about the Jersey:  I like the stripes on the shoulders and that the numbers colors are the same unlike the previous set.

What I dislike about the Jersey: I do not like University’s cupola, the Colonnade on the numbers at all.

What I like about the Pants: Nothing stands out that I like.
What I dislike about the Pants: First off, team name scripts should NEVER be used on the pants for any football team besides high schools. Second, if you are going to put your team name script on the pants, at LEAST make it visible from a distance. For example, the black on black on the 5th picture down looks like crap compared to the 2013 uniform set.

Key Elements - Old vs New:

Full 2016 Photo Gallery: